maandag 16 augustus 2010

A new layout

So there we go.
A superduper new layout. I really needed it because I never finished the old one. I decided to place my own photo on it. Strange but I really don't care. most people who will read this already know this (if even anyone reads it) and if they don't? I don't care.
I like this photo. it's gentle but powerful. I think it really represents me. So does the poem which I wrote myself btw.

I really do need to lose weight though. but it's so hard! well... when the kids go to school again I am going to walk a half hour in the morning... every morning. And I am going to build it up to an hour. that would provide me with beautiful legs and hopefully a bit smaller breast :P haha I really have large ones. a little too large for my liking.

Besides everything it's kind of nice here. I have a friend from Haarlem which really helps. She is sweet and I can talk with her. I know it's like I fall into everything suddenly but this blog is really for me :P just writing about myself like a diary. although I won't put anything too personal on this HAHA

So... being an aupair. it's strange but also fun. The decision to take it as it comes was one that I still am thankful for. I am so free :D

1 opmerking:

  1. You talk about your breast size but you later mention not to write too much personal stuff... Well, that makes me wonder where you draw the line!
    I love the layout. Though I wanted to become your follower but you haven't made that possible. So as I mentioned before, I just linked your blog on mine...